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Juice Plus+ Fall 2007 Newsletter

February 11, 2009

As you’ve probably noticed, Juice Plus+® now comes in a new-look carton and brand-new bottles.
What hasn’t changed, of course, is the healthful variety of whole food based nutrition
inside those bottles that makes Juice Plus+® “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.”
“We’ve continually improved the Juice Plus+® product ever since we introduced it in 1993,”
explains John Blair, NSA’s Vice President of Product and Research,“but the packaging has
stayed basically the same. We felt it was time to update the Juice Plus+® look.”
We hope you like it.
Blair points out that NSA has done more than just give Juice Plus+® packaging a fresh new
face. “We’ve added features that make the daily Juice Plus+® habit easier than ever,” he adds.
“For example, each bottle is now capped by a convenient flip-open top that you unscrew just
one time – when you open the new bottle to remove the protective inner seal. After that, all
you need to do is flip open the new top to access the capsules (or chewable tablets) inside.
“We’ve also added a new inner seal with a semi-circular tab that makes the seal easier to
remove – and leaves a clean opening around the edges of the bottle.”
Blair also notes that the new Juice Plus+® cartons are environmentally friendly. “The cartons
are made from post consumer-recycled material – which helps
Product Update
Prevention Plus+ Profile:
Janet M. Roberto, M.D.
Clinical research
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A new look . . .
and more!
NSA constantly strives to improve what’s inside the Juice
Plus+® bottles, too – from the way the juice powders are
sourced, produced, and encapsulated to the fine-tuning of the
formulas themselves.
One refinement recently made to the Juice Plus+ Garden
Blend® formula is the replacement of barley bran with rice
bran – a change already reflected in the Garden Blend product
now being shipped to you.
The motivation behind the change is to further reduce the
already low “gluten” content of Juice Plus+® – an important
consideration for millions of North Americans who suffer
from celiac disease, a chronic inflammatory
disorder of the small intestine. Celiac disease
is triggered when genetically susceptible
individuals ingest certain proteins
commonly referred to as “gluten,” which are
naturally present in some cereal grains –
including barley.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration
estimates that as many as 3 million people suffer from celiac
disease in the United States alone.
According to John Blair, NSA’s Vice President of Product and
Research, Juice Plus+® has always fallen well within the definition
of “gluten-free” established by Codex Alimentarius, an
international agreement on food standards. “They set the
upper limit for a ‘gluten-free’ product at a pretty low level –
only 200 parts per million,” Blair advises. “But there has never
been an official definition of ‘gluten-free’ here in the U.S.”
In March of this year, however, the FDA published a proposal
to set the definition for gluten-free products in the U.S. as
anything that falls below 20 parts per million.
“In anticipation of this proposal – and in response to numerous
requests from customers with celiac disease – we analyzed
our formula and identified barley bran as the most significant
source of gluten in our product,” Blair continues. “We determined
that by replacing the barley bran with rice bran – a suit-
support consumer recycling programs and reduce the overall
volume of solid discarded waste. They are also fully recyclable
“When you consider the number of cartons we ship out, this
means that Juice Plus+® is contributing not only to the nutritional
health of people around the world, but also to the
health of the environment,” Blair concludes.
The new look and improved features not only encompass
Juice Plus+® Orchard and Garden Blends, but Juice Plus+
Vineyard Blend® and Juice Plus+® Chewables as well.
The new Juice Plus+® packaging is being rolled out in the
more than 20 countries around the world where Juice Plus+®
is sold.
Product Update
Rice bran replaces barley bran
in Juice Plus+ Garden Blend®.
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John Blair
Home: Springfield, Ohio.
Medical Specialty: Family
Education and Training: Graduated from Wright State
University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio in 1985.
Completed residency in Family Practice at Miami Valley
Hospital in Dayton in 1988. Board-certified by the American
Academy of Family Practice since 1989.
Current Positions: Full-time family practice. Serves as managing
partner of a six-physician group. Also serves as a member
of the medical staff at two hospitals in Springfield:
Community Hospital and Mercy Medical Center.
Key Personal Accomplishments: Providing testimony for a
U.S. Congressional briefing on health care policy sponsored
by the National Center for Policy Analysis; and, in her own
words, “raising a son of sound character, alongside a loving and
supportive husband.”
Community Service: Founding board member of Emmanuel
Christian Academy – a private, non-denominational, K-12
Health Perspective: “The time I spent learning about prevention
was less than 1% of my medical training. I didn’t really
appreciate the value of prevention until a health crisis occurred
in my own family. I now understand and fully embrace the
need for physicians everywhere to share the message of
preventive health.
“Patients need to hear the importance of making diet and a
healthy lifestyle a priority. I encourage my patients to view
better nutrition not just as a commitment but also as an investment
– in a healthier future, a potentially longer life, and lower
health care bills.”
Health Advice: “Don’t wait
for a crisis to learn what is
important in your life. It is
never too late to begin making
changes that can significantly
affect both your current and
future health.”
Why she recommends Juice
Plus+® to her patients: “I see
in my practice that people are
becoming more and more
aware of the importance of
fruits and vegetables in their
daily diets. Unfortunately,
that knowledge does not
usually translate into action.
Current statistics from the
U.S. Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention indicate
that less than 25% of
people are consuming even
five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day – let alone
the recommended 7-13 servings.
“Once I understood that Juice Plus+® is whole food based
nutrition in a capsule – and that it is being studied by serious
researchers at hospitals and universities all over the world – I
felt a responsibility to share it with my patients. The fact that
11 studies documenting the benefits of Juice Plus+® have now
been published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals
is just the icing on the cake.
“Everyone can benefit from the daily ‘safety net’ of consistent
nutrition provided by Juice Plus+®.”
Prevention Plus+ Profile:
Janet M. Roberto, M.D.
“Better nutrition is
an investment – in
a healthier future, a
potentially longer
life, and lower
health care bills.”
Janet Roberto is one of the
many health professionals
speaking to audiences around
the world as part of our Juice
Plus+® Prevention Plus+ Health
Education Series. If you’d like to
attend a Prevention Plus+
seminar in your area, ask your
Juice Plus+® representative or
call our Juice Plus+® information
line at 1-877-JUICEPLUS
able nutritional substitute in every other respect – we could
reduce the gluten in Juice Plus+ Garden Blend® comfortably
below even the proposed new standard.”
On a related topic, Blair also advises that Juice Plus+® will
return temporarily to using gel caps for its Orchard, Garden,
and Vineyard Blend products. “We’ve had occasional problems
with some of our new vegetarian capsules breaking
during shipping,” Blair explains. “We’re switching back to our
previous capsules until we solve the problem.”
Blair reiterates the company’s commitment to vegetarian capsules
and expresses optimism that the problem will be solved
in the coming months.
“Being the pioneer isn’t always the easiest path to take,” he
reflects. “But it’s the only way to ensure that the Juice Plus+®
product enjoyed by our customers remains on the leading edge
of nutritional science.”
The Science of Juice Plus+®
Juice Plus+® clinical research continues
Many of the healthful benefits of taking Juice Plus+® have
been corroborated in clinical investigations conducted by
researchers at leading hospitals and universities around the
world. Eleven studies published to-date in the peer-reviewed
literature have demonstrated that:
• Juice Plus+® delivers key phytonutrients that are absorbed
by the body.
• Juice Plus+® reduces markers of oxidative stress.
• Juice Plus+® positively impacts several key indicators of
cardiovascular wellness.
• Juice Plus+® helps support a healthy immune system and
protect DNA.
In addition to the 11 studies already published, there are 12
additional clinical investigations involving Juice Plus+® currently
underway or in some stage of the publication process –
from the U.S., Japan, Germany, Canada, Italy, Austria, and
the United Kingdom.
The results of one such investigation, conducted by
researchers at Tokyo Women’s Medical University on the
bioavailability of Juice Plus+® in an Asian population, have
been accepted for publication this September in the Asia
Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
In May, investigators from the University of Milan presented
findings from their study assessing the impact of
Juice Plus+® on smokers to members of the Federation of
American Societies for Experimental Biology at their annual
meeting in Washington, D.C.
Researchers from the Medical University of Graz in Austria
presented their findings on the effects of Juice Plus+® on
oxidative stress and antioxidant status under conditions of
intense exercise to professional conferences on both sides of
the Atlantic: at the annual meeting of the American College
of Sports Medicine in New Orleans in June and at the annual
congress of the European College of Sport Science in
Jyväskylä, Finland in July.
The most recent addition to the list of Juice Plus+® investigations
is being conducted in the United States by investigators
at the University of South Carolina. This study will measure
the effects of Juice Plus+® on markers of chronic or systemic

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