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Juice Plus+ Newsletter 2008 Spring/Summer

February 11, 2009

A Growing Body of
Scientific Evidence
Prevention Plus+ Profile:
Erica Angyal
Juice Plus+® Helps Raise
$1,000,000 for St. Jude
Scientists around the world continue to demonstrate
in clinical investigations the healthful benefits
of taking Juice Plus+®.
Two recently published studies – from investigators
at Tokyo Women’s Medical University and the
Medical University of Graz in Austria – are the
latest examples.
Tokyo Women’s Medical University (Japan)
The Tokyo study reinforced earlier findings in three important areas: the bioavailability of key
antioxidants in the bloodstream after taking Juice Plus+®; a reduction in levels of homocysteine,
a potential risk factor for heart attack and stroke; and a reduction in lipid peroxides,
which are a key indicator of the oxidative stress that is thought to contribute to premature
aging and degenerative disease.
In the Tokyo study – the first Juice Plus+® clinical research conducted in an Asian country –
60 healthy Japanese men and women (average age 27) took either Juice Plus+® Orchard and
Garden Blend capsules or placebo for 28 days. About half of the 60 test subjects were
smokers. Blood samples were drawn at both the start of the study and at the end of the
28-day test period.
When compared to the non-Juice Plus+® placebo group, researchers reported that the Juice
Plus+® subjects, on average, showed:
• significant increases of 40% or more in folate and important antioxidants such as beta
carotene, lycopene, and Vitamin E. This bioavailability of key nutrients after taking Juice
Plus+® has been demonstrated in six previous clinical investigations.
• a 19.9% decrease in homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is an amino acid that can
accumulate to unhealthy levels in the bloodstream.
New Studies in Japan and Austria
Tout Benefits of Juice Plus+®
(continued on next page)
Elevated homocysteine is a risk factor for developing
blocked blood vessels that can lead to adverse effects such as
heart attack and stroke. This reduction in homocysteine was
consistent with that seen in previously published Juice
Plus+® clinical studies from Australia and Italy.
• a 10.5% reduction in lipid peroxides, a key indicator of the
oxidative stress that occurs when there are not enough
antioxidants present in the blood.
All of these positive changes occurred in both smokers and
nonsmokers alike.
This study was peer-reviewed and published by the Asia
Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition in their September
2007 issue.
Medical University of Graz (Austria)
The Graz study involved 41 anti-terrorist policemen (average
age 34) in the Austrian Special Forces “Cobra” unit. It was
conducted over a 28-week period between November 2005
and June 2006 in a cold, alpine climate. The results reinforced
earlier findings in two important areas: a reduction in a marker
of exercise-induced oxidative stress first seen in a previous
clinical study of Juice Plus+® at the University of North
Carolina-Greensboro; and an improvement in a key indicator
of immunity called TNF-alpha.
The subjects were divided into a test group who consumed
Juice Plus+® Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blend capsules
each day and a control group who consumed placebo capsules.
Both groups ate a standardized diet and participated in an
extremely rigorous standardized training regimen for the duration
of the investigation. (Physical activity increases oxidative
stress, which should be offset by consuming even more antioxidants
from foods such as fruits and vegetables.)
Even among this fit, healthy group, researchers “found inadequate
mean daily fruit and vegetable consumption” – an average
of only 3.2 servings per day of fruits, fruit juices, and nonstarchy
After the 28 weeks, the Juice Plus+® Cobra group showed a significant
reduction in carbonyl proteins – a marker of protein
damage caused by oxidative stress – compared to the placebo
group. This reduction occurred despite the Cobras’ rigorous
training regimen and a steady increase in their assigned duty
hours between the beginning and the end of the study – making
it a “torture test” in terms of the capacity of Juice Plus+®
to reduce the negative impact of oxidative stress.
“People who are in physically and/or psychologically
stressful roles are in particular
need of more nutrition from fruits and
vegetables,” lead investigator Manfred
Lamprecht explains. “This applies not just
to Cobras or professional athletes, but also
to businesspeople, mothers – just about
anyone living in today’s fast-paced, rapidly
changing world. While a product such as Juice Plus+® should
certainly never be viewed as a replacement for the consumption
of fruits and vegetables, it has clearly demonstrated its
worth in supporting the beneficial effects of these foods.”
As for immunity, the Juice Plus+® Cobra group showed steadily
improving concentrations of TNF-alpha – an indicator of
normal, healthy immune system status – following the first
eight weeks of taking the product. This effect was mirrored by
a trend for fewer duty days lost due to illness during the final
20 weeks of this 28-week study.
This study was peer-reviewed and published by the Journal of
Nutrition – an official publication of the American Society for
Nutrition – in their December 2007 issue.
A Growing Body of Scientific Evidence
The Tokyo and Graz studies are just the latest in a growing
body of peer-reviewed, published clinical studies on Juice
Plus+® – 13 published studies with 11 more underway.
The results from the two latest are especially impressive,
says John Blair, Vice-President of Product and Research for
Juice Plus+®.
Manfred Lamprecht
Austrian Special Forces “Cobras” in action. (continued on next page)
The Tokyo and Graz studies are just the latest in a growing body
of peer-reviewed, published clinical studies on Juice Plus+®.
Prevention Plus+ Profile:
Erica Angyal
“Like most clinical investigations of Juice
Plus+® – and all of those started since 2001 –
the Tokyo and Graz studies were ‘gold standard’
– randomized, double-blind, and placebo-
controlled. Both were especially telling,
in that otherwise healthy, younger adults
achieved similar positive results from taking
Juice Plus+® as we’ve already seen in other populations.”
For a complete listing of all Juice Plus+® clinical studies – both
the 13 already published and the 11 others currently underway
– ask your Juice Plus+® representative for a copy of our Juice
Plus+® Clinical Research Summary.
John Blair
Home: Tokyo, Japan
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Nutritionist, health consultant, writer
Education and professional affiliations: Bachelor of Health
Science Degree from the Sydney University of Technology.
Diploma in Nutrition from Nature Care College in Sydney.
Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.
Professional passions: Preventative nutrition and natural antiaging
Key personal accomplishment #1: Official nutritionist for the
reigning Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori.
Key personal accomplishment #2: Created her own fully
organic line of herbal tea blends under the “ELIXA” brand,
now available throughout Japan.
Publications: Featured in numerous magazines, including
Vogue, Woman’s Day, and Cosmopolitan Hair and Beauty in
Australia and Metropolis in Japan. Health columnist for several
Japanese magazines. Regular contributor to The Japan Times.
Books: Author of Gorgeous Skin in 30 Days (September, 2005)
and the forthcoming Gorgeous Skin for Teens: Eat Your Way to
Radiant, Clear Skin (September 2008).
Health advice: “Vitality and health radiate from the inside
out; there is an intrinsic relationship between inner health and
outer beauty. Your face and body are constant visible monitors
of how well (or how
badly) you are aging.
Aging is inevitable, of
course, but the way we
age and how quickly we
do so isn’t necessarily
predetermined. A diet
rich in fruits and vegetables
is the foundation
of healthier aging,
radiant skin, and looking
and feeling better.”
Why she recommends
Juice Plus+®: “Good health (and the benefits
thereof ) is not a matter of what you do now and then. It’s what
you do on a daily basis that really counts. It amazes me how
many people have a daily regimen for their skin “from the outside
in” but never even consider the importance of taking care
of their skin from the inside out. Juice Plus+® is an easy and
convenient way to get more of the nutrition we need from
fruits and vegetables – every day – in order to look better, feel
better, and take better care of our health in general.”
Erica Angyal is one of the many health professionals speaking to audiences
around the world as part of our Juice Plus+® Prevention Plus+ Health
Education Series. If you’d like to attend a Prevention Plus+ health talk in
your area, ask your Juice Plus+® representative or call our Juice Plus+®
information line at 1-877-JUICEPLUS (1-877-584-2375).
“There is an intrinsic relationship between
inner health and outer beauty.”
Juice Plus+® Helps Raise $1,000,000 for
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®
The “eat more fruits and vegetables” philosophy of Juice
Plus+® underscores the importance of diet and whole food
nutrition in helping prevent disease. NSA, the maker of
Juice Plus+®, also supports the treatment and cure of childhood
diseases by serving as presenting sponsor of the St. Jude
Memphis Marathon Weekend each year.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® is the premier center
for the research and treatment of pediatric cancer and other
catastrophic childhood diseases. It has a 40-year history of
taking on the most difficult pediatric diseases from around
the world, treating children from all 50 states and more than
60 foreign countries. Discoveries made at St. Jude have not
only completely changed how the world treats childhood
cancers and other diseases, but have proven beneficial to the
treatment of adult cancers as well.
St. Jude also has the distinction of being the only pediatric
research center where families never pay for treatment beyond
what is covered by insurance, and families without insurance
are never asked to pay.
This year’s St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend raised more
than $1 million,” Dwight Drinkard, coordinator of the
event for St. Jude, announced recently. “The money raised
will help us care for more than 5,100 young patients who are
battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.” More
than 85 cents of every dollar raised by St. Jude goes directly
to research and treatment.
“The financial sponsorship and the volunteer support of NSA
and Juice Plus+® have allowed us to raise the profile of our
Memphis Marathon Weekend and increase the funds it generates
for us every year,” Drinkard continued.
“When Juice Plus+® first stepped up as our lead sponsor in
2002, we had less than 800 runners,” he explained. “By 2006,
that number had expanded more than ten-fold to 8,500
runners. This past year, race participation grew again to more
than 11,300.
“We would never have gotten there without the ongoing support
of NSA and Juice Plus+®.”
You can read more about St. Jude Children’s Research
Hospital® at For more information about the
St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend presented by Juice
Plus®, please visit

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