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The German Olympic Team only Takes Juice Plus+

May 15, 2009


The following is translated (poorly) from German. If you read German, you can read the whole article here. My German translation is poor, but the message is clear: Every Olympic athlete in Germany will be eating Juice Plus+ every day for their nutritional support.

NSA AG new licensing partner for the German Olympic team

The German Olympic Sports Federation (GOSF) now has a new “Exclusive Partner for Nutrition” with Juice Plus+ – starting March 6, 2009. The partnership will last at least until The Olympic Games in London in 2012.

This announcement was given by NSA and the GOSF, represented by its official marketing agency German Sports Marketing (GSM), on Friday at a sales meeting in the commercial firm the Wiesbaden Rhein-Main-Hallen.

NSA is known as the “Exclusive Partner for Nutrition” with its brand “Juice Plus+.” Our top athletes know about the the growing importance of balanced food – a matter which GOSF also plays an important role: “Fitness and healthy diet are key issues that stand high on the agenda. NSA will make a valuable contribution as our partner,” says the GOSM director, Michael Vesper. The athletes will benefit directly from the partnership by taking Juice Plus+.

Juice Plus+ consists of concentrated, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables, and is available in capsule form from NSA Distributors. Since 1995, regularly commissioned studies show that the natural substances in Juice Plus+, among other things, support the regeneration processes and strengthens the body’s defenses.

André Gerber, Director of Sales and Marketing of the NSA said, “We are proud to be an official partner with the largest sports federation in the world. Our expertise in the field of nutrition research helped us get involved. At the same time we want the Olympic theme as a stimulus for our distribution operations and to open up new paths. ”

NSA is using its products in various fields of sport in Germany and internationally. Already in mid-July 2008, the company has a partnership with the French Ski Federation (FFS). Furthermore, there are well-known athletes such as the Serbian Tennis player Ana Ivanovic and the Two-Rodel Austrian Markus and Tobias Schiegel who all take Juice Plus+ every day.

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