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Jan Roberto, M.D. Recommends Juice Plus+

October 12, 2009

Jan Roberto, M.D.

“Everyone can benefit from the daily ‘safety net’ of consistent nutrition provided by Juice Plus+.”

Home: Springfield, Ohio.
Medical Specialty: Family Medicine.
Education and Training: Graduated from Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio in 1985. Completed residency in Family Practice at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton in 1988. Board—certified by the American Academy of Family Practice since 1989.
Current Positions: Full-time family practice. Serves as a managing partner of a six-physician group. Also serves as a member of the medical staff at two hospitals in Springfield: Community Hospital and Mercy Medical Center.
Key Personal Accomplishments: Providing testimony for a U.S. Congressional briefing on healthcare policy sponsored by the National Center for Policy Analysis; and, in her own words, “raising a son of sound character, alongside a loving and supportive husband.”
Community Service: Founding board member of Emmanuel Christian Academy – a private, non-denominational, K-12 school.
Health Perspective: “The time I spent learning about prevention was less than 1% of my medical training. I didn’t really appreciate the value of prevention until a health crisis occurred in my own family. I now understand and fully embrace the need for physicians everywhere to share the message of preventive health. Patients need to hear the importance of making diet and a healthy lifestyle a priority. I encourage my patients to view better nutrition not just as a commitment but also as an investment — in a healthier future, a potentially longer life, and lower healthcare bills.”
Health Advice: “Don’t wait for a crisis to learn what is important in your life. It is never too late to begin making changes that can significantly affect both your current and future health.”
Why she recommends Juice Plus+: “I see in my practice that people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of fruits and vegetables in their daily diets. Unfortunately, that knowledge does not usually translate into action. Current statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that less than 25% of people are consuming even five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day, let alone the recommended 7-13 servings.” “Once I understood that Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition in a capsule – and that it is being studied by serious researchers at hospitals and universities all over the world – I felt a responsibility to share it with my patients. The fact that 11 studies documenting the benefits of Juice Plus+ have now been published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals is just icing on the cake. Everyone can benefit from the daily ‘safety net’ of consistent nutrition provided by Juice Plus+.”

For more information or to order Juice Plus+, click here.

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