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Frank Eggleston, D.D.S. Recommends Juice Plus+

October 14, 2009
Frank K. Eggleston, D.D.S.

“Back in the 1980s, I’d say start taking 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C. Now of course, I have them take Juice Plus+.”

Home: Houston, Texas.
Medical Specialty: Restorative and Operative Dentistry.
Education and Training: Graduated from Texas Christian University, 1965. Received D.D.S., Baylor University College of Dentistry, 1970.
Current Positions: Private practice in Houston since 1972.
Professional Service: Served on the American Dental Association Board of Trustees, and as President of the Texas Dental Association. Public speaker for getting sugar out of the diet and for wellness and prevention.
Honors: Named Dentist of the Year by the Texas Academy of General Dentistry, 1995. Texas Dental Association Distinguished Service Award, 1996. Recipient of the TDA Gold Medal for Distinguished Service, 2004.
Community Service: Volunteer at San Jose Clinic in Houston. Member of the Board of Trustees for the Retina Research Foundation and the University Area Rotary Club. Teaches conflict resolution.
Hobbies: Travel, tennis, snow skiing, and – above all – playing with his grandchildren.
Health Advice: “We have to start talking to moms and dads about their kids and about nutrition and getting off sugar. Certainly from my standpoint, I don’t want to see children with cavities, but I also don’t want their bodies to be affected. I mean, when we see cavities in the mouth, 10 and 12 cavities, we know that equally bad things are occurring in the general health. So, I feel that we need to step up and say that our nutrition as a country is very bad and work to correct it.”
Why he recommends Juice Plus+: “What you eat plays a role in the overall health of your teeth and gums. Back in the 1980s, I’d say start taking 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C, that sort of thing, because that’s all we knew about nutrition back then. Now of course, I have them take Juice Plus+.”

For more information or to order Juice Plus+, click here.

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