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More information about the dangers of swine flu vaccine

November 1, 2009

Gary Null gives an impassioned rivetting testimony against the false beliefs about vaccines and their (non)safety (including swine flu vaccine & normal flu vaccine), vaccine makers, the CDC and the FDA, alleging crimes against humanity by the medical and profit-motivated pharmaceutical industry, and scientific fraud, at the New York State Assembly Hearing 13th October 2009.

Gary holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science. He is a health and nutrition expert, alternative medicine and natural healing advocate, and author of several books and documentaries such as “Vaccine Nation”, and “Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally”

Several Doctors speak out against the dangers of flu vaccines and the ingredients within.

Even the media knows and admits that the swine flu vaccines can cause autism and other serious and deadly sife effects.

It doesn’t take an M.D. or a Ph.D. to realize that the ingredients in the swine flu vaccine such as mercury, thimerosal, and squalene (just to name a few) are more dangerous than the flu itself.

Please, do the research yourself before taking the swine flu vaccine, and ESPECIALLY before giving it to any child, pregnant mother, or elderly person – they are at the highest risk for serious complications and death as a result of taking the swine flu vaccine.

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