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Give Yourself the Greatest Gift – Health!

November 27, 2009

Hello friends,
These are the links to the tremendous health education web-seminars (webinars) done this year by nine highly respected physicians from different fields of Medicine.

These physicians donated their time and effort to increase public and professional knowledge of today’s advanced science in the fields of nutrition and health. Please enjoy and share with those you love this holiday season.

2009 Archived Prevention Plus+ Webinars: Brown Encore PPL Webinar FINAL (with intro and closing).flv&width=640&height=500&volume=70The Power of Nutrition: It Could Save Your Life
November 2009 – Hosted by Matt Brown, Jr., M.D.
Internal Medicine Webinar second run.flv&width=640&height=500&volume=70Knowledge is Power: The Science of Health
September 2009 – Hosted by Pamela Benitez, M.D.
General Surgeon / Breast Surgeon Stricker Webinar FINAL.flv&width=640&height=500&volume=70Beyond Vitamins: Fueling Fitness for All Ages
August 2009 – Hosted by Paul Stricker, M.D.
Pediatric and Sports Medicine Roberto Webinar FINAL.flv&width=640&height=500&volume=70Prescriptions for a Better LIfe
July 2009 – Hosted by Janet Roberto, M.D.
Family Medicine

javascript:void(0);/*1250708086757*/Longevity and Lifestyle
June 2009 – Hosted by Mitra Ray, Ph.D.
Research Biologist DuBoisNutrition For Vitality.flv&width=640&height=500&volume=50Nutrition for Vitality
May 2009 – Hosted by Richard DuBois, M.D.
Internal Medicine Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track
April 2009 – Hosted by William Sears, M.D.
Pediatrician on Living Food
February 2009 –  Hosted by Carol Watson
Registered Nurse and Naturopathic Doctor and Prevention Through Whole Foods
January 2009 – Hosted by Paul Williams
Emergency Room Physician


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