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Is it Safe to Eliminate Fish from My Diet?

April 9, 2011

Is it safe to eliminate fish from my diet?

A lot of health gurus have convinced Americans that fish is necessary for a healthy diet. However, more and more studies are showing that fish is not a health food!

A research study looked at fish consumption in 5,000 men and women as part of the Rotterdam Study in the Netherlands. After 11 years, the researchers concluded that those who consumed the most fish did not have reduced risk of heart failure as compared to other study participants.

Other articles have shown that eating fish increases the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease and have found no protective effects from eating fish.

The confusion over whether or not fish is needed in the diet is fueled by inaccurate statements about the need to consume fatty acids like EPA and DHA from food. But these are NOT essential fatty acids – only omega-3s and omega-6s are essential, and the body converts those to other fatty acids needed for body function like EPA and DHA.

There are more in-depth articles about this topic from the Wellness Forum.

The people insisting you need to eat EPA and DHA from food are missing this crucial fact, that there are only two essential fatty acids which are omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

So the bottom line in terms of fish consumption is that wild caught fish can be included in the diet as part of a 10% or less of calories from animal food. There’s no need to include fish if you don’t like it and there are absolutely no negative effects of eliminating fish from your diet.

So if you were wondering if it’s okay to avoid fish in your diet, that answer is a resounding yes!

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