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Natural Ways to Heal Faster after Wisdom Teeth Removal

April 23, 2011

A few years ago, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed surgically because my two lower wisdom teeth were severely impacted and my upper wisdom teeth were crowded out with nowhere to go. I had been having tooth pain for several months and one of my teeth had broken through some skin and started bleeding.

The healing process since the wisdom tooth surgery has been painful to say the least, but with the extra nutritional care I’ve been taking, I have had virtually no swelling, no infection, no dry sockets, and no complications at all.

How did I do it?

Here’s how you can heal fast after wisdom tooth surgery without any swelling, infections, dry sockets or complications:

1. Take Wobenzym every day starting 3 days before surgery

Wobenzym is an blend of natural enzymes that were designed in Germany over 50 years ago. These enzymes act as natural anti-inflammatory agents with numerous other health benefits. Wobenzym was first used to treat osteoarthritis but studies have since shown that Wobenzym lowers C-reactive protein levels (a marker of chronic infection in the body) by 30%!

Wobenzym has been published in numerous clinical studies showing it works in stopping inflammation and improving human health. Today Wobenzym is one of the most popular supplements in Europe and is routinely recommended by surgeons of all kinds for surgery recovery because it is so effective in reducing and preventing swelling and inflammation

For wisdom tooth surgery, it’s perfect to stop inflammation. As I said, I had no swelling after surgery and neither did any of my brothers since they all took wobenzym as well. A fellow MD of my parents said after he gave his child wobenzym for wisdom tooth surgery, “It worked so well it was scary! I can’t believe we didn’t learn about it in medical school.””

Wobenzym has NO side effects whatsoever since it is just natural enzymes.

The best company to get wobenzym from is Mother Nature – and you can order your wobenzym by clicking the wobenzym picture right here or with the link below.

Wobenzym Wobenzym N – 100 tab

If you don’t want wobenzym for whatever reason, you can also take Bromelain (I actually used both in conjunction because I wanted to heal extra extra fast).

Bromelain is another proteolytic enzyme that facilitates protein digestion when taken with food and acts as an anti-inflammatory when taken on an empty stomach (so you want to take it on an empty stomach after wisdom tooth surgery as that is when it will help most to reduce inflammation). Bromelain is also helpful for healing minor injuries such as sprains, strains, muscles injuries, pain, swelling, and tenderness.

You can get your bromelain from Mother Nature as well just click the following link: Twinlab Mega Bromelain – 90 caps

It’s very important to take bromelain or wobenzym or both to reduce inflammation after your wisdom tooth surgery because the swelling can cause a lot of pain and some serious complications and infections – so don’t take a chance! These enzymes will help reduce your inflammation and eliminate swelling so you don’t have to waste time, money, and energy with a follow-up visit to your surgeon.

Trust me – you and your surgeon will both be thanking me.

2. Take Juice Plus+ every day

Juice Plus+ is a concentrate of 17 fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and grains. Since you can’t eat solid food after wisdom tooth surgery, it’s imperative to get enough whole food nutrition from fruits and vegetables to help your body heal. Fruits and vegetables are also naturally anti-inflammatory and will help reduce swelling and reduce the time it takes to heal.

You can order your Juice Plus+ here.

3. Rest Often 

When you’re healing from wisdom tooth surgery you’re going to be in pain or drugged up on painkillers and so your body will need lots of time to rest. Make sure to take naps and relax. Sleep in. Just take your time to recover. Don’t push yourself.

Most of the very important forms of healing our body uses only occur during sleep – so give yourself an extra dose of healing with some extra sleep.

4. Exercise Lightly 

Although you should relax and rest often, make sure you don’t just sit for a whole week without moving at all. Take time to take a walk if it’s nice outside or jump gently on a rebounder or trampoline – make sure to get your blood and lymph flowing. It will help improve the healing process, reduce your risk of infection, and help make you feel better faster! 

DO NOT EXERCISE IF IT HURTS. If it hurts your mouth after the surgery to exercise or bounce on the rebounder, don’t do it. Wait another day or two until it heals up and then try again. Don’t strain yourself – the key is just to get your lymph flowing so that your body can heal faster.

There you go – 4 tips that will make your wisdom tooth surgery a breeze! Remember to take your painkillers regularly and follow these four steps and your wisdom teeth removal recovery will be a whole lot easier.

Have any questions about wisdom teeth, wisdom tooth surgery, or surgery recovery in general? Let us know by commenting below and we’ll be happy to help!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Neal Kradel permalink
    September 24, 2011 9:43 am

    “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

  2. September 13, 2012 5:27 am

    Agree’d. I just got the last 3 of mine removed roughly 12 hours ago and I’m just a bit sore at the most. I wish I would of seen your post about a week ago before the extraction! lol Luckily I think my diet and frequent excercise kept my body ready for anything, because this time isn’t as bad as last time when I only got 1 out!! (pre-health “freak”) :]

  3. King joseph permalink
    September 19, 2012 10:34 am

    Yes well I took out of four my wisdom teeth a month go after it healed everything was fine until yesterday I started to have this wierd sensation on the lower right side of my face . So I woke up this morning to inflamation on that right side of my face. So I was wondering should I go to my doctor and see him or buy mother nature’s wobenzym

    • September 19, 2012 8:22 pm

      Hey Joseph, Really can’t give any medical advice here! All I can say is what I would do personally – I would definitely take Wobenzym to help reduce inflammation and make sure I’m drinking lots of water and sleeping well. I would also get it checked with the doctor because there can be some serious complications with wisdom tooth removal healing.

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