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Preventing and Naturally Treating Coccydynia

April 16, 2012

Coccydynia is a disease when your tailbone starts to swell and become painful. It’s really hard to imagine the excruciating pain until you have gone through such experience yourself.

The tailbone or coccyx is your bone found between the cheeks of your buttocks and when it starts to get inflamed, you will experience a great deal of pain sitting down. Most often, it happens after a fall when the butt bone is hurt (a slip, an accident, a snowboard fall).  People who have coccydynia can use butt pads to cushion the body weight when you have to walk or sit down. Surprisingly, the butt pads are undetectable and will not show as unusual under your clothing. Many times, people who use butt pads don’t appear to be under any kind of discomfort.  They are often recommended by chiropractors and physicians as an alternative to surgery or painkillers.

Coccydynia (or butt bone decease) occurs also when people spend long hours sitting.  People in wheel chairs, drivers, and police officers are at higher risk.  Padding will just make it less painful and easier to go through the day.

By lessening the pressure on the tailbone, you minimize chances of sciatia, cysts, or fracturing the bone.  The butt pads are only a temporary solution, because you need a permanent one. Coccydynia can be treated with pain drugs or a cortisone injection. It’s to be used during the treatment period, and if the pain persists, your doctor could recommend surgery, which is a very rare case.

Still, if you do have to undergo surgery, you will need the some kind of cushion for post-operation care.  In summary, people with tailbone problems caused by accidents or falls will find superb relief with a butt pad that does not need major maintenance or care. It’s far better than having to carry a lumpy cushion pillow around all the time.

Other things that may help are regular exercise and eating anti-inflammatory foods like fresh raw fruits and vegetables.

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