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How To Get Ripped Like Chris Evans

June 6, 2012

Chris Evans looks like a badass in Captain America. Especially since he packed on over 25 lbs of muscle for the movie. How did he do it so fast?

Chris Evans Workout

It took Chris 4 months to bulk up and he worked out 2 hours a day. His trainer, Simon Waterson, made sure he stuck to it every day and kicked his butt when he wasn’t giving the workouts everything he had.

The key to building muscle mass is to workout until you reach muscle failure – and then push as hard as you can for at least 5 seconds longer. This is when you lift the weight for the last time – and you CAN’T POSSIBLY lift the weight one more time – but you try as hard as you can anyway to push the weight up for at least 5 seconds.

What happens here is that muscle failures triggers a muscle reaction that releases growth hormones which allow you to build muscle faster and much bigger.

Chris Evans Interview

In this interview with PopSugar, Chris shares his workout and diet secrets that helped him put on muscle so fast for his role in Captain America. Enjoy!


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