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What Bladder Pain Means

July 13, 2012

Does your bladder hurt?

Most people don’t know what it means, but often when your bladder hurts it could mean you have a bladder infection and/or a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Often, the urinary tract infection will hit first, followed by a bladder infection soon after if you do nothing to take care of it.

Of course, pain in your lower abdomen could be caused by a myriad of issues, so you shouldn’t rush to conclude anything from this brief article (or anywhere online). Always get a medical opinion before trying to treat yourself or use any home remedies.

UTI’s happen most often in women because their urethra is exposed more and can be vulnerable to bacteria from intercourse or the environment. Men can also get UTI’s and bladder infections, and they’re common after surgeries on hernias or the groin area.

Doctors will often prescribe antibiotics for a bladder infection or UTI and they definitely help. In some severe cases of bladder infections, antibiotics are necessary or serious damage could occur as the infection spreads. However, I’ve found a powerful natural remedy for UTIs and bladder infections taught to me by my parents (who are both doctors).

Natural Bladder Infection Remedy

The secret ingredient is… cranberries!

Cranberries dramatically help prevent the bacteria from entering the body through the Urethra. In fact, cranberries are so effective for UTIs that researchers have shown it can turn an infection around in just 8 hours or less! Indeed, from personal experience, I can say that cranberries are the MOST effective treatment for bladder infections or urinary tract infections. They seemed to put a stop to the infection even faster than antibiotics and without all the harmful side effects.

Cranberries picture

Cranberries are a powerful natural remedy for urinary tract infections!

Researchers noticed in petri dishes that cranberry juice prevents e. coli bacteria from sticking together – making it harder for them to multiply and cause damage.

You can either eat cranberries prepared in a dish, in dry powder capsule form, or just drink cranberry juice (the most common way to take it). This process works similarly to bacteria in the urethra, making it hard for the bacteria to stick together and multiply, allowing your body’s immune system to eliminate the harmful bacteria very rapidly.

Thanks to What Pain for the inspiration for this article.


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