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The Starbucks Diet and Calorie Counting

September 15, 2012

A 66 year old woman claims she lost 85 pounds by eating three daily meals at “Starbucks”. No, not the bakery items you see when you walk up to the counter, but mostly the salads, fruit and sandwiches you can see in the display cooler.

Christine Hall from Alexandria, Virginia, said that she received her physicians approval before going on the diet and that she eats a balance of foods with protein, fruits and vegetables.

Starbucks Diet picture

Woman loses 85 lbs with her diet of mainly Starbucks.

Hall’s secret is calorie counting. The law librarian consumes as little as 876 calories a day. She mentions the “Roasted Vegetable Panini” that has 350 calories. And that it’s healthy with eggplant, red peppers, spinach and zucchini that come in the sandwich. For breakfast, Hall often eats oatmeal from the eatery.

Nutritionist, Amy Jamieson-Petonic, voiced her opinion on the “Starbuck’s Diet” suggesting that there are healthier alternatives for losing weight on a low calorie diet such as using legumes, brown rice, whole grains and frozen fruit and veggies to make one’s food budget go further and that Starbucks is more on the expensive side.

If you are considering a low calorie diet and can’t afford eating a Starbucks three times a day, we’ve put together a list of lower fat foods to show you alternatives that can make a difference in your dieting regimen. As a general rule, choose food that has the lowest fat content such as food that has “fat-free” on the label. Make sure you read the labels and compare the sodium and fat content and choose the lower for both. Meats that are less processed or pressed are lower in sodium and should be your first choice. We’re talking packaged deli meats versus deli meat cut for you at the deli counter while you wait.


Milk – Fat-free milk or low-fat milk
Ice Cream – Sorbet, sherbet, low-fat or fat-free frozen yogurt
Whipping Cream – Imitation whipped cream (made with fat-free milk)
Sour Cream – Plain low-fat yogurt
Cream Cheese – Light or fat free cream cheese
Cheese (cheddar, Swiss, jack)


Raman – Rice or noodles (spaghetti, macaroni, etc.)
Pasta with white sauce (alfredo) – Pasta with Red Sauce (marinara)
Pasta with cheese sauce – Pasta with vegetables (primavera)
Granola – Bran flakes, crispy rice, etc., cooked grits or oatmeal or reduced-fat granola


Low-fat coldcuts (95 to 97% fat-free lunch meats, low-fat pressed meats)
Poultry (white meat) or lean beef instead of high fat hamburger or pork (compare labels)
Use water packed tuna instead of oil packed tuna

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