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How To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

October 11, 2012

Hair every body has it somewhere on their body, some people have more hair than others, did you know more than 50% of males over 50 suffer from male pattern baldness?

Most people only want hair in one place and that is on their heads, the average person loses 100 hairs from their head every day. In today’s society hair in certain places carries a bit of a stigma. Embarrassing places to have hair include the toes, armpits, legs and face. Facial hair is obviously the hardest to hide unless you wear a balaclava or burka everywhere.

For women especially facial hair is a bit of an embarrassment and can be a bit of an issue to deal with, if you shave it, it will grow back more visible and creams can be irritating on the sensitive, facial skin. Hair is the second fastest growing bodily tissue, only bone marrow grows faster, so what’s the best way to get rid of it?

Below we will look at some popular hair removal methods, list their pro’s and cons to find the best option for you.

Waxing – You probably know the process, warm wax is applied to the skin then a strip of fabric covers the wax and is pulled off removing hair. Waxing is not ideal is good for legs and other parts of the body but probably not for the face because regrowth is fast, it can leave a rash, waxing can cause discolouration to darker skins and you have to wait for the hair to grow back long enough for re-waxing. Waxing is also very painful.

Shaving – You know what shaving entails, a cheap and effective way to remove hair but as we said above it’s not permanent and the hairs will be more visible as the grow back.

Cream – Applying a depilatory cream to dissolve hairs. These kind of chemical creams are not ideal for use on the face because the hair regrows quickly and is stubbly, effects can only last a few days, creams can also irritate sensitive skin and can cause a rash. Like waxing cream is good for the legs, but you probably don’t want to apply it to your face.

Threading – Very effective form of hair removal, originated in the middle-east, the process involves using cotton to remove excess hairs. The problem with threading is the results only last around 2 weeks, some women say it is painless but others disagree.

Laser – A laser light is used to actually destroy hair follicles that are located beneath the skin, hair removal using this method is permanent in most cases. Laser treatment will not remove the hair instantly after about 10 days it starts to fall out. Most patients need several treatments to permanently reduce and even stop hair growth. How many treatments will you need? It depends on many factors no-one can say for certain, most people find 4-6 treatments are enough for long lasting and in many cases permanent hair removal.

Does laser treatment hurt? 

It depends on your clinic, a laser specifically tuned for hair removal does not hurt but not all clinics have this kind of laser, if your clinic uses a more general purpose laser the treatment will feel as though somebody is flicking an elastic band against your skin.

Laser hair removal is not cheap but if you are going to have it done, make sure you find a reputable clinic. Finding a reputable clinic is essential because laser hair removal if done wrong can cause burning, scaring and women with darker skin are susceptible to something called hyper-pigmentation.

This guest post was supplied by, state of the art London based laser hair removal clinic.

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