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Health Blog Directory

Do you own or run a health blog?

If so, you can submit your blog into our health blog directory – whether your site is about a specific health condition, nutrition, fitness, mind-body wellness or another area of health, we welcome all health-related submissions. Your site must be a high quality site with unique and original content.

All blog submissions are reviewed by our team and we deny any illegitimate or spam sites.

All we ask is that you post a link from your blog to our site in return to be included in the blog directory. Below is the link information:


Link Title: Juice Health Blog

Description (optional): A blog for those who want to get healthy, love juicing and want to eat more fruits and vegetables.

or just copy and paste this code:

<a href=””>Juice Health Blog</a>

Once the link is active, email your blog details to:

Tom [at] JuiceTom [dot] com

And we will place you in the directory ASAP. You can also leave a comment below with your site info using this format:

Message: Type a nice note.


Site Name: Your Site Name

Did you link to Yes! And here’s my proof.

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