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South Bend Motivational Speaker

South Bend Motivational Speaker and Nutrition Coach


At age 13, I had a health crisis. I was taking medication for my acne as well as a new antibiotic almost monthly for my chronic bronchitis and sinus infections. I also had a rare condition called Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, which causes so much pain in my knee that I couldn’t play soccer for months and was in intense pain just walking up stairs.

That’s when my family started making some changes to our diet. We started eating more fruits, vegetables, and berries and taking healthy supplements to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

In a few months, I was off all medications. My acne and skin cleared up amazingly and I stopped needing to take antibiotics on a regular basis. My Osgood-Schlatter’s even cleared up so I could continue to play soccer and compete in tournaments. It was a miracle!

But the truth is, miracles like this happen all the time. When people stop eating the junk foods and processed foods that increase inflammation and damage their body and start eating more fruits, vegetables, and berries, they often notice big changes in their health like this.

The human body is designed for health, not illness. The natural state of the body is health! Tom shares his message of vibrant health through good nutrition.

Most people know they SHOULD be eating better… but for some reason they just can’t, won’t, or don’t eat well enough. Tom uses proven techniques to cut to the chase – the heart of the matter.

Tom speaks to the core of what holds people back from achieving their health goals and making the simple dietary changes that make all the difference.

A diet is a lifestyle, not a one-week hyped up phenomenon. A healthy diet will keep you healthy throughout life, regardless of your age, gender, or whatever else is going on. Tom teaches the fundamentals of good nutrition while inspiring his audience to take action with practical, time-tested techniques for making changes.

Tom is the founder and CEO of Authentic Health Coaching, one of the top leaders in online and offline nutrition education for the masses. Tom is also the host of the Authentic Health Coaching podcast show which is the #1 Alternative Health podcast show on Podomatic.

For more information or to book Tom for a speaking engagement or corporate training in your area, contact us at or e-mail

South Bend Nutrition Speaker

Tom Corson-Knowles, Nutrition Coach and Motivational Speaker

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